Onboarding Supplier Data is Just One of Our Core Competencies

Mapping heterogeneous product data to your target structure, refining content, and publishing using standard formats and connectors made easy with prorizon.

Supplier data requires attention and resource investment. Choose prorizon if you prefer to invest both in value adding processes.

prorizon is forbeyond's cloud-based SaaS platform for content sourcing. It enables retailers, manufacturers and associations to close process gaps in the exchange and refinement of product data. prorizon shows its absolute strength in importing and mapping of supplier data.

A particular competence of prorizon is the import of heterogeneous data from a variety of external sources. During inbound processes, data and assets are imported in the source data model to ensure traceability of changes in the source, detect modifications, and release data deliveries.

The step after inbound is the data mapping of attributes, texts and media to the respective target structure resulting in the outbound data model. Often retailers, associations and marketplaces are confronted with exactly this requirement. However, many ERP, CMS and PIM systems still leave us with functional gaps in the onboarding and data mapping of supplier data. These gaps can easily be closed by prorizon. It is the solution for retailers and associations to collaboratively integrate their suppliers when it comes to onboarding their various data and data formats.


In the inbound process, source data is loaded from various sources, combined if necessary, and saved in prorizon for further processing. Depending on the respective data quality you are able to manually adjust entries and make data sets available for further processing.

Transformation, Data Mapping

The product data from inbound can be transformed into various target data models. The basis of this transformation is called data mapping. This contains rules on how the source data finds its way into the target model. Users of prorizon are provided with intuitive interfaces for this purpose. A completely new "mapping feeling" results as you benefit from a combination of many features including the possibility to map product categories or individual characteristics, and to define variables.



Once the product data is available in the target data model, the export of the data to the desired target format for supplying further processing systems is quickly done. prorizon supports all common export formats (csv, xls, xml, BMEcat) and standard classifications (ETIM, eClass). Direct supply to systems via REST API is also possible. The list of available connectors to systems and marketplaces is constantly growing.

There are many good reasons for prorizon. Here are just some of them.

Beyond Beta - prorizon has processed tens of thousands of product and supplier data.

Product data is our passion and we are experts in the processes. The bottleneck in data management is often right at the beginning: supplier data coming in. Our customers usually work with complex PIM systems and they quickly realize that even those have weaknesses. Plus, sometimes internal IT support is completely lacking. In these scenarios our Managed Services help to get data quality straight. Back in the day we used to work manually, using large Excel sheets - today we have automated these processes with prorizon. Bit by bit, prorizon has been further developed based on the requirements of our teams and customers. This enabled us to launch a completely "grown-up" system in self-service.

prorizon offers intuitive data mapping and compelling UX design.

Data Mapping is one of the core functions of prorizon. We designed the mapping UI as intuitive as a smartphone app. Effortlessly set up complex mapping rules for attribute mapping and category mapping simply by chosing different components. This can be done by drag and drop. Of course, you can also continue to use mappings that you have already documented. You can monitor the status of the mapping and the delivered quality of the supplier data any time via the Mapping Dashboard.

prorizon flexibly adjusts to your requirements.

Our cloud-based SAAS platform is extremely flexible in case your needs change. Pricing features three basic plans: SMART, ADAVANCED and ENTERPRISE. You can still expand these modularly if the included packages are too limited. Our principle is that you only ever pay for the services you actually need.

When using prorizon, you benefit from the entire forbeyond ecosphere.

If you encounter data management challenges in your business where you feel the need for individual support, we are at your side. This could be the case when the procurement of supplier data and communication with suppliers becomes too time-consuming. In this case Managed Services from forbeyond will be happy to step in on your behalf. Our Classification Specialists support you in redesigning your classification or product data model. For the really big stories, our consulting is at your disposal. Just according to our motto: You never map alone!

Turning your product data into valuable content with our Added Value Services.

We deliver individual support in automating your content sourcing with our Added Value Services and we are flexibly connected to prorizon. If your product data is maintained in prorizon, the connected Content Solutions are directly available to you. forbeyond is partner of all Content Solution providers mentioned here. We are happy to take over the administrative steps and setting up with the providers - meaning all services are provided by a single source.

prorizon provides you with "one-stop content sourcing" relying on our Added Value Services.

prorizon offers easy access to Added Value Services, focusing on the efficient, partly AI-based enrichment of product data. Tools already include Retresco (automated NLG text creation), Creative Force (studio management) and Pixyle.ai (automated tagging of images). Others, such as Google Cloud Vision, Google Translate and DeepL are in the pipeline. prorizon already delivers data to the services in the form they need to process it directly. In this way, high-quality, category-specific content is created virtually in passing by – directly from supplier data.

Retresco is an AI-based language technology, the basis for the automated creation of product descriptions. Based on an initially created text model and matching attributes, Retresco's text engine creates a multitude of high-quality, error-free texts with a high number of variants to avoid duplicate content. Texts can of course be SEO optimized. Retresco is now one of the "Big 5" in Natural Language Generation tools worldwide.

More about Retresco

If you are looking for a studio management software that maps all photo and video productions for your e-commerce, let's talk about Creative Force. Creative Force supports the entire production process from sample logistics to freely designable lookbooks, shootings, digital review processes, post-production and automatic web upload all in a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

More about Creative Force

Pixyle.ai is one of the pioneers in AI-based tagging of images. Other fields of application are the recommendation of products based on visual similarity and visual search. Pixyle.ai is based on an AI engine. It has been extensively trained by means of machine learning and now generates not only obvious attributes but also contextual information such as wearing occasions in almost real time.

More about Pixyle.ai



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