Key Features: Intuitive Data Mapping and Smart Data Enrichment

prorizon has been stress-tested in everyday business for years now. There was simply no room for bells and whistles.

prorizon is the tool to manage even complex data mappings through an intuitive interface and comprehensive mapping rules.

Data Mapping of master and product data is anything but trivial. The often complex mapping rules must be highly configurable and usable/applicable. They must for example be flexible enough to adapt to the heterogeneous data sets that you receive from a large number of suppliers. Precise and reproducible at the level of individual clients, the Data Mapping shall transform the imported product data into the defined target structure.

Furthermore, consistency is extremely relevant in the value chain of product data. If several people in a team are working on Data Mapping, the mapping rules must be applied identically to ensure consistent results and ultimately a convincing product experience.

The central performance dashboard provides a permanent view on maintenance status and data quality.

The control center of your Data Mapping provides a quick and comprehensive overview of your product data. What quality levels do the product data have in terms of requirements? How many products are assigned to product categories? How many attributes describe your products? Which mappings are ready for transformations?

These central questions all find answers on the dashboard. Plus, there is also a quick access area with tiles guiding you to the different sections.

Transparent import processes for ultra fast collection of supplier data.

Guided by a wizard, you can easily and conveniently import your sources and make them available in prorizon. Thus, classifications, data models, product master data and content as well as existing mappings can be imported without any problems. Do you want to link the product data import with a price file? "Mix" master data and content during import? With the lookup mechanism during the import a piece of cake - just link and go!

The mapping dashboard provides important info on the status and completeness of your data mapping.

Mapping source data into the target's data model has nothing to do with witchcraft? Any ETL tool can do it? That's only partly true, because mapping product data from different sources and classifications to, e.g., standard classifications, marketplace data models, target maintenance classifications of retailers, data models of resellers and many more can become extremely complex. In order not to lose track of the individual mappings, the dashboard helps with overviews of attribute and category mappings and variable definitions. Here, too, editing can be started by clicking on the respective tile.

Attribute mapping - mapping the characteristics of imported data to your target structure.

Anyone who has experienced data mapping probably still has nightmares of wild graphs with arrows connecting attributes – data models that quickly degenerate into a spaghetti monster when it comes to big data. Mapping with prorizon reduces complexity with a simple and stringent methodology that leads to a great user experience. With drag-and-drop, filters, functions, and intuitive default values, mapping is a breeze.
A variety of functions facilitate mapping, from Boolean expressions to complex scalar functions. prorizon makes even challenging mappings easy to tackle.

Category mapping for the easy transformation of product groups or product categories.

Are tomatoes fruits or vegetables? Do you really want to be more catholic than the pope or simply make it visible in both product groups of your target classification? Then why not define it in the category mapping? It’s that easy! Mapping lets you classify product groups or product classes from the source into the product hierarchy of the target. When mapping the product groups, filters can be used at attribute level in order to make sure that products are correctly classified.

Exporting product data into virtually any target format with our structured export function.

If you import, you also want to export. The export function of prorizon is just as user-friendly as the import. The wizard is built in an intuitive structure so that classifications, data models, product master data and content are made available in different formats. This allows you to use the product data as Excel, CSV and in other formats. Likewise, mappings can be saved via export and thus re-imported for other uses. All with just a few clicks.


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