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Building bridges over gaps and pitfalls in data mapping.

prorizon is the platform for supplier data onboarding and product data mapping. We have made every effort to include all relevant information on If you have any questions, please contact us! Some frequently asked questions are answered in the FAQ.

As a user of prorizon, you can always use our online wiki with a variety of tutorials. In more complex cases our support will help you quickly and straightforwardly. As part of the community, you can also share your personal learnings with other users at any time.

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Frequently asked questions about prorizon, briefly answered: the FAQ.

Is prorizon a PIM system?

prorizon is not a PIM system. The focus of prorizon is supplier data onboarding, intuitive data mapping and product data transformation. We have learned that these features are not as pronounced in many PIM systems as they would be in a specialized solution. If you are looking for a PIM system, our consulting team will be happy to help.

Can I use existing classifications and mappings in prorizon?

Yes, you can easily import existing data mappings and product classifications into prorizon. Learn more about this in the features section.

Which formats can be imported and exported?

All standard formats, i.e. BMEcat, JSON, csv, xsls, XML and Rest API can be used for the inbound and outbound of prorizon. It is also possible to generate different display modes using a custom importer.

How flexible is prorizon in collaborating with my individual systems?

prorizon can be very easily integrated into your existing IT architecture without requiring any changes to your internal IT landscape. forbeyond will support you if needed.

Is it possible to customize prorizon to my needs?

Yes of course. prorizon is a very individual solution, because it can be adjusted to meet your requirements in terms of data volume and services. And also the pricing is customizable as it is based on usage and data volume.


What is forbeyond's target-based approach?

In prorizon, mappings are built from the target. This means, for example, that the target structure always is in focus when creating mappings. Simply upload a target structure in the outbound if you have no mapping ready for import. Based on this target structure, you can then easily create your mapping. Read more detailed information about creating mappings and all other features in our wiki.

What is the difference between prorizon and a supplier portal?

A supplier portal usually offers a multitude of complex processes and functions. In addition to the handling of supplier data, this also involves tenders, contract management and ordering. prorizon deliberately focuses on the onboarding of supplier data, because this is precisely the function that many retailers lack in their process chains. prorizon is therefore a kind of supplier portal "light". If you are looking for a comprehensive supplier portal, our consulting will be happy to help you.

How can I log in to prorizon as a user?

If you are already a prorizon user, you can easily log in here

How do I get my login data?

The easiest way is via our contact form where you can arrange a demo appointment. Simply select prorizon and leave your contact details. Our sales department will get in touch with you quickly.

How do I determine which basic module and which supplementary service packages I need?

We will be happy to help you determine the right combination for your individual requirements. Simply get in touch via our contact form.

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