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Easy import and intuitive data mapping - the basis for an efficient management of product data.

Intuitive and Efficient Data Mapping

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If a supplier portal seems too enormous, but data mapping with Excel seems antiquated, prorizon might just be the right thing for you.

Mapping and transforming product data in general, and onboarding supplier data in particular, is something we have come to know as a weak point in data management in many companies. Even though a PIM system is often already in use, a lot of work is still done using Excel - leading to manual and error-prone processes.

One way out of this dilemma is to upgrade to an even more powerful PIM or PXM system or, for example, to implement a supplier portal. However, if the implementation of a new system seems overdimensioned in terms of complexity, prorizon can be your rapid remedy - because prorizon optimally supports you in the onboarding of supplier data and the data mapping of product data. Our intuitive mapping features enable you to integrate heterogeneous supplier data into your own data model. This happens regardless of whether you use prorizon in conjunction with a PIM, ERP, CMS or shop system. Retailers, manufacturers and associations find prorizon to be a tool that helps closing process gaps when exchanging and enriching product data.

    • Simple and fast creation of data models and harmonization of product data
    • Scalable and customized data mapping and transformation of supplier data
    • Works with all common standard formats and product classifications for in- and outbound
    • Added value services for further automation of processes in data maintenance and content sourcing

    Starting with prorizon is easy. A short way to excellent product data.

    Being a cloud-based SaaS solution, prorizon is easy to use. Simply integrate your own data model and your supplier's data will be adapted correctly. For this purpose you can upload all your data using standard formats such as BMECat, CSV, Excel, XML or directly via Rest APIs in the inbound (i.e. source) structure . After data mapping and transformation, your data will be output in the outbound (i.e. target) structure in the desired format. prorizon is that easy to use with its simple, intuitive interface. It is possible for multiple users to log in and work at the same time. Thanks to the optimized and tried-and-tested UX design, you reduce efforts and avoid possible sources of error when importing supplier data into your own data world.

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    Powerful in data mapping - intuitive in use, superior in UX design.

    Access to a variety of intelligent rules via drag and drop - attribute and category mapping made easy.

    The interface and functions of our data mapping are based on years of experience of our content specialists in mapping product data.

    We have combined the complexity of intelligent mapping rules with intuitive user guidance. We were able to test and continuously optimize both using tens of thousands of data sets from our Managed Services.

    In this way we developed a tool that efficiently supports teams in data management. And this without having to make a major investment in a complex supplier portal.  Discover the power of prorizon's features today.

    The Mapping Dashboard provides information on the status and success of the data mapping at tenant-level at any time.

    In a process where many automated steps take place in the background – as is the case with prorizon's data mapping – you need a central dashboard to monitor literally everything. Our Mapping Dashboard gives you an overview of the results of the mappings at the level of your tenants any time you need to know what's happening. This applies to both the mapping of characteristics (Attribute Mapping) and the mapping of commodity groups (Category Mapping). Thanks to a wealth of hands-on experience of our Managed Services we were able to develop the Mapping Dashboard, so you can be sure it's been tried and tested in many industries.

    Based on feedback from our user community, both the mappings and the dashboard will continuously be further developed.

    More about the Features

    prorizon is a product of forbeyond, one of the leading product data specialists.

    forbeyond is one of the leading specialists in digitizing product, sales and marketing processes in the DACH region. Our services:

    • Product Information Management, Product Experience Management
    • Supplier Experience Management
    • Product Data Services, Content Design
    • Enterprise Architecture Management, Data Governance

    With a team of over 50 product data experts in Berlin, Hamburg, Kiel, Cologne, Munich and Stuttgart, forbeyond offers research, strategy, conception, system selection and process optimization in the product data environment as well as operative content management and content design.

    Customers include well-known brands such as Adler, Audi, Breuninger, 3M, Drogerie Müller, Geb. Heinemann, Haba, JDE, Knauf, Marc O' Polo, Mytoys Group, Orsay, OTTO, Peter Hahn, tesa, UVEX, Walbusch, and many more.

     Visit forbeyond.eu

    Working with the pioneers of content automation using our Added Value Services.

    In terms of one-stop content sourcing, prorizon gives you easy access to content automation tools. When using prorizon, your data is already prepared for the inbounds of the Added Value Services. We take care of the dialog and data transfer with the corresponding provider for you. prorizon makes content sourcing that easy.


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