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Start SMART, easily and transparently adjust services and volumes to the growth of your business.

The basic modules of prorizon can be extended at any time to suit your requirements.


The SMART module gives you a powerful start into the world of content automation. Perfectly suited for less complex supplier relationships and if you regularly want to process a manageable large number of records and distribute them to a smaller circle.

85.00 € per Month

with annual subscription

125.00 € per month with flexible term


ADVANCED is made for experienced data nerds who want to process a large number of data sets, sourcing them from a larger set of suppliers or distributing them to multiple buyers who have different product data requirements.


"All you can map!" could be the subtitle for our ENTERPRISE module, because even companies with very extensive assortments, many suppliers and distributors hardly ever reach the volume limits. If they do, everything can be adjusted flexibly and transparently.

Overview of basic modules and supplementary service packages.

TENANTS 1 tenant each, inbound & outbound 10 tenant inbound or outbound 50 tenant inbound or outbound
each additional tenant 20.00 € per month with annual subscription; 25.00 € per month with flexible term 15.00 € per month with annual subscription; 18.00 € per month with flexible term on request
PRODUCT DATA 1,000 records 20,000 records 250,000 records
additional data sets 1,000 data sets: 40.00 € per month with annual subscription; 50.00 € per month with flexible term 5,000 data sets: 80.00 € per month with annual subscription; 100.00 € per month with flexible term on request
MEDIA 5 GB media 40 GB media 500 GB media
additional media volume 5 GB: 10.00 € per month with annual subscription; 12.00 € per month with flexible term 50 GB: 40.00 € per month with annual subscription; 48.00 € per month with flexible term on request
IMPORT CONNECTORS CSV, EXCEL additional rest API additional 2 system connectors
EXPORT CONNECTORS CSV, EXCEL, JSON additional rest API, XML additional 2 system connectors
additional connectors -- -- on request
MAPPINGS Copy, Concat, Contains, Equal, NotEqual, And, Or additional IfElse, SumUp, Multiply, BiggerThan, SmallerThan All you can map
Upgrade "All you can map" 80.00 € per month with annual subscription; 100.00 € per month with flexible term 40.00 € per month with annual subscription, 50.00 € per month with flexible term All you can map
ADDED VALUE SERVICES * Retresco additional Creative Force additional Pixyle
SERVICE LEVEL Online help, tutorials additional Service Desk additional Priority Service Desk

The prices shown are net prices and are exclusive of statutory value-added tax. The contractual partner is forbeyond connect GmbH with its registered office in Kiel, Germany. Only written offers of forbeyond connect GmbH are binding for prices, terms, SLA, etc.

* Additional fees based on users or volumes are incurred when using the Added Value Services. Prices on request.

Being a member of the prorizon community, you have access to forbeyond's comprehensive portfolio of services at all times.

Classification Design

An intelligent classification of products is a real turbo for an efficient management of product data. Once the heterogeneous data of your suppliers has been homogeneously transferred into your internal logic, it can easily be transferred into standard classifications such as ETIM, eClass or UNSPSC. If you do not yet have a classification that you can easily integrate into prorizon, our Classification Specialists will be happy to support you.

Managed Content Services

Often the relationships with suppliers are complex in every detail. Especially when the pool of suppliers is expanded. The initial onboarding and the definition of interfaces and exchange formats are important steps. And data quality should be monitored, especially during the start-up phase. Our Content Service teams have years of experience in this area and will support you with personalized service.

Product Data Consulting

Many of the day-to-day challenges that come up when onboarding supplier data can be solved with prorizon. But, if you have reached the limits of growth with your current system landscape and the status quo of data management it is worthwhile to talk to one of our experienced consultants to outline a comprehensive solution scenario. Benefit from our extensive experience.


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